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It’s ‘Monday blues’ time…but you should love Mondays. Here’s why. 

Have you ever had a case of the Monday blues? Who am I kidding, of course you have. Unless, that is, you’re a multi-millionaire Premiership footballer (in which case: hello, can we be friends?). Irrational or otherwise, many people spend their Sunday night wishing that the weekend would just stick around a little bit longer. 

Once you’ve given up your Cher impression and accepted that you can’t turn back time, perhaps it’s time for a small dose of common sense. 

Ten reasons that you need to get over the Monday blues

1. A productive Monday makes for a really good week. That thing you’ve been putting off for weeks? Do it 9am Monday morning. Chances are you’ll smash it, and the rest of your week will end up super productive – which means you’ll enjoy next weekend even more! (Disclaimer: if that thing you’ve been putting off is ‘transport something valuable’, please ignore my advice to ‘smash it’)

2. An irrational fear of Monday actually ends up ruining your weekend. If you spend your Sunday evening dreading Monday, you’re ruining one day of your weekend. That time is surely better spent doing something….fun, no?

3. If Monday really fills you with dread, you’re in the wrong job. Chances are you spend 40 hours a week working. That’s about 1,800 hours a year. If you hate every single one of those hours, go out and get a new job. 

4. According to research by Red Letter Days, most people are more productive on a Monday than any other day. That means a Monday is actually likely to make the rest of your week easier. May as well embrace it! 

5. New week = clean slate. Have a bad week at work last week? Break the coffee machine, incurring the wrath of the whole office? Head to the gym in the morning only to stop at McDonalds on the way? It’s a new week – and a fresh start. After all, those diets always start on a Monday, don’t they? 

6. 1/7 of your life is taken up by that dreaded Monday. Is it really rational to live in fear of 1/7 of your life? May as well enjoy it, it’s the only one you’re going to get! (If you believe in reincarnation, go ahead and ignore that last sentence – you’ll come back as a butterfly or something cool, and you won’t even know what a Monday is)

7. Monday is a great day to do those boring chores everyone saves for the weekend. Did you, like me, spend far too much of your weekend cleaning the kitchen or bathroom? You’d be much better off doing your menial household tasks on a Monday, and spend your weekend doing something fun

8. It’s only four more days until the weekend. Seems like a great time to start planning, right?! 

9. Very few people like Mondays. Imagine how fun it would be to wind them up by being ridiculously happy? 

10. Bob Geldof didn’t like Mondays. Do you really want to be like Bob Geldof? Thought not. 

There you have it. Monday shouldn’t be feared – it should be conquered. Happy Monday!